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Opera Mini Simulator

live demo of Opera Mini that functions like it would when installed on a handset

Cross Browser Testing. Pick an OS, Pick a Browser, Test website

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# allows website designers to test the cross browser compatibility of their website across different browsers and operating systems.\n# Sometimes you need more than a picture. Test your AJAX and Javascript as well as the layout.

French Typing Speedtest - how fast are you?

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estez votre vitesse de frappe ! Tapez juste les mots dans la zone du bas. Etes-vous plus rapide que les autres ? Point positif : Les mots utilisés étant des mots courants, chaque fois que vous battez votre record, vous améliorez votre vitesse de frappe !


FM 100 Hue Test

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Order the color squares by hue


animated memory game -

Try all the memory tests(sound, faces, animated...) INteresting to see how we remember things differently. For me faces was the easiest.

Color Box

COLOR box is a online puzzle game using the additive color system (color theory). Test your color theory knowledge!


Indexed Pages Tool - SEO Logs

Use this indexed pages tool, also called search engine saturation, to find out how many pages of your website have been indexed by Google, Yahoo, MSN and more. Use this indexed pages tool, also called search engine saturation, to find out how man - Home

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Choose one of the games below to challenge It. Artificial Intelligence emulates human brain.

Test Pages

Browser test pages

The Kanji SITE - A guide for students of Japanese Kanji

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The left-hand side gives lists of kanji, or compounds made from more than one kanji. If you're having difficulty remembering a character's reading, you can reveal it by moving your mouse cursor over the kanji.

Silktide - the web development experts

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Sitescore is a free tool which rates how well designed, popular and accessible your website is. Test your website: Enter a web address for a free online report.

PersonalDNA | Your True Self Revealed - Fast Fun Free Personality Tests

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PersonalDNA is a web service that does a sophisticated and rigorous personality profile in about 15-20 minutes (I know because I just took one). It makes use of lots of cool ajaxy things like sliders and buckets.