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May 2006

Tagground - The social bookmarking mashup.

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New Ajax social bookmark URL(you can see with what tags one have bookmarked you) and tag search. Says it will be adding more social bookmarking query services almost daily.

Grupthink -- Ask Everyone

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Online social polls with tags

March 2006

Wat vinden wij over trefwoorden

Dutch, public with Tags and Thumbshots. Nice tag cloud.

Wat vinden wij over trefwoorden

Dutch, public with Tags and Thumbshots. Nice tag cloud.


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Import from and BibTeX files. Tags, related tags, Public/Private bookmarks and groups, Friends, duplicate dection when add new bookmarks with the possibility of merging the information. Tag and full text search with filter tags! See who bookma - tag you're it

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tagbert is a tag service aggregator - type in a keyword, and you will find photos, products, links, goals, and more

Quiz, Horoscope, Flash Games, Poems - Quizilla!

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create, take and share quizzes, a personal journal, write poems, stories, create and share games and more.

Veoh ~ Veoh

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Veoh is a new type of Television Broadcasting System, using the Internet and Peer-to-Peer technology is used as the broadcast medium. Unlike traditional Television Broadcasting Systems such as Cable or Satellite, Veoh is an OPEN system that allows ANYONE to broadcast Television-Quality Full-Screen video directly to consumers. If you have ever wanted to broadcast your own TV show, Veoh is what you've been dreaming of. No matter if you are a complete novice, or a large Hollywood studio, Veoh provides a broadcasting medium that lets you reach hundreds of millions of users around the world...

Tag cloud

Nulltag is a community web site that allows its users to share and promote just every kind of news. submit vote comment stories.


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experiment in social networking for beer snobs Top Tags Tag Cloud

Top tags in a tag cloud. @, a community site that allows its members to create wishlists and keep track of items that they want.

February 2006

typolis: Home

* Blogging as easy as can be * Image and text * Full skinability for advanced users * RSS-feed for every page (where RSS makes sense) * Memberships and subscriptions * Multiuser * Multiblog Features to be: * Video-Blogging * Moblogging via email

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(alpha) collection of [media] [books] [dvds] [music] [games] disscussion feature to come

8by1: Wishlist for Your World

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8by1 is wishlist for your world. 8by1 helps you evangelize your wishes for the world, and connects you with similar-minded people who also want these wishes to come true. The 8by1 community empowers even the casual people like you and me to make our world how we like it.

TagFacts - social knowledge base

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This site allows you to * Keep list of your notes * Find new information in the categories of your interest * Export your latest notes to your site or blog * Track after your friends notes

ZoomClouds - Cloud demo

Tag cloud generator with a lot of options.

browsr - people powered directory

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"Necessity is the mother of invention." As social networking has become a reality so has the need for both public and private directories. From the public or social side, users can tag their favorite sites to browsr allowing others to comment on them. These tagged sites can focus on products and services or other well-known sites and weblogs. From the private side, users create their own directories. Much like bookmarking, users add their own categories populated with their favorite sites. These private directories can be shared with select audiences. It is like having a mobile "favorites" or "bookmarks" directory. As an added feature, owners of private directories control whether other users can blog the sites they have tagged. (Note: private directories are not yet implemented in the current beta version but will be in the next version).

January 2006

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