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06 May 2006

Tagground - The social bookmarking mashup.

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New Ajax social bookmark URL(you can see with what tags one have bookmarked you) and tag search. Says it will be adding more social bookmarking query services almost daily.

05 May 2006 - The first stock exchange on headline news

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On, you can bet on the popularity of politicians, sporting teams or events, ideas, stars, natural catastrophies, etc., in fact on any word that makes the headlines. The words are rated according to the number of times they appear in 3000 anglophone media web sites from around the world. Buy the words you believe in, sell the others!

02 May 2006

Grupthink -- Ask Everyone

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Online social polls with tags

03 April 2006


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Chuquet regularly scans over a thousand feeds - including stacks of Top 100 feeds - and looks for common links that appear within those feeds.

31 March 2006


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creates ontologies for tags on

26 March 2006


The word clouds we use at are arranged alphabetically and depict more frequently used words in progressively larger fonts.


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The word clouds we use at are arranged alphabetically and depict more frequently used words in progressively larger fonts. Prints T-shirts too

24 March 2006

Wat vinden wij over trefwoorden

Dutch, public with Tags and Thumbshots. Nice tag cloud.

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Generates a color sheme based on a phot URL or tag you enter.

23 March 2006


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Import from and BibTeX files. Tags, related tags, Public/Private bookmarks and groups, Friends, duplicate dection when add new bookmarks with the possibility of merging the information. Tag and full text search with filter tags! See who bookma

21 March 2006


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Statistical comparaison of blog tag clouds

14 March 2006

Quiz, Horoscope, Flash Games, Poems - Quizilla!

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create, take and share quizzes, a personal journal, write poems, stories, create and share games and more.

08 March 2006


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free, easy tools for creating wiki web sites where the readers are also the writers.

07 March 2006

Veoh ~ Veoh

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Veoh is a new type of Television Broadcasting System, using the Internet and Peer-to-Peer technology is used as the broadcast medium. Unlike traditional Television Broadcasting Systems such as Cable or Satellite, Veoh is an OPEN system that allows ANYONE to broadcast Television-Quality Full-Screen video directly to consumers. If you have ever wanted to broadcast your own TV show, Veoh is what you've been dreaming of. No matter if you are a complete novice, or a large Hollywood studio, Veoh provides a broadcasting medium that lets you reach hundreds of millions of users around the world...