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IMtrends - Keeping you informed about the latest trends and developments in instant messaging - ProcessOne

IMtrends is a web site devoted to monitoring and communicating trends in instant messaging. Operated by ProcessOne, this site provides access to information about the latest developments in instant messaging technologies and innovative applications.

Book of Odds - The Odds of Everyday Life

statistics filling up with voluntary users from around the world

Paxonta is a system that was conceived in order to explore many things related to surveys’ creation and analysis. In addition to this you can take a look at different automatic reports related to many issues that have to do with data export. This system is supported in many languages and you can use it in a very simple way to maximize your company’s performance. has an advanced question logic procedure with mandatory questions that need to be properly answered to check any single detail of your company’s organisation.

2007 - Powerful tool for creating web surveys. Online survey software made easy!

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Salary Survey 2005 | IT salaries at a glance

Detailed salary data in table format, broken down by level of responsibility, job title and skill.

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