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The First Pixel Search Engine Is Here. And Everything Changes. For The Better. Now you can become part of it The landscape of web shopping is changing dramatically. And pixel advertising is why.


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a search engine for airline tickets that will change the way we all travel. Purchasing flights purely based on price has been around for a while, but the consumer has never had the power to quickly and at a glance evaluate the cheapest

They may be gone, but they'll never be forgotten. -

by 3 others memorializes deceased MySpace users and picks up where a regular obituary leaves off.

Swoogle Semantic Web Search Engine

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Swoogle is designed to serve the research activities in Semantic Web community, especially the following: to study the growth and evolution of the semantic web by efficiently querying a comprehensive database of SWD metadata - to collect, index and search the definition and usage of Semantic Web Terms (SWTs) (i.e. Classes and Properties) as well corresponding Semantic Web Ontologies (SWOs) - to enable "distributed" knowledge sharing by making knowledge visible and easy to access - to support semantic web tools such as MindSwap Lab's SWOOP ontology editor in finding relevant ontologies, KSL's Inference Web infrastructure in finding distributed proofs. :: FOAFlicious

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FOAFlicious is an application for generating a FOAF file from your inbox. Type your username in the box below and hit "Go". It can be slow, especially if you have a large inbox, so be patient!


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The basic idea of an i-tag (identity tag, independent tag, intelligent tag – take your pick) is that a user could tag an object on their own site (photo, video, sound file, text or an entire blog post), where the tag, and the object, would then go out t

Bit9 FileAdvisor - FileName, MD5, SHA-1 Search

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free service provided by Bit9, Inc. that enables you to identify unknown files quickly by searching an index of known commercial applications (malware is currently not indexed). Enter an MD-5 hash, SHA-1 hash, or file name, and FileAdvisor returns information about the origin of the file.


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Qwika is a search engine designed specifically to search wikis. Our aims are to cover all sizeable wikis in all sizeable languages, translate them, make them easily findable in the shortest possible time.

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