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Verbix -- conjugate verbs in 100+ languages

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Online Language geusser, Is it a verb? (any language) - Verbix is an independent non-profit organization that aims to promote and protect linguistic diversity [UNESCO Observatory: Multilingualism]. This site contains verb conjugations for hundreds of lan

英語翻訳 - Infoseek マルチ翻訳

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multi language translator for korean chinese french italian german spanish portugese english, - text and url with options


Traducir Inglés > Español - your free blog (-)

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1000 designs # customise your design (font, type size, colour scheme, own header image etc.)

BlogSpy (beta)

Nice live spy for spanish blogs.

Rezzibo Home Page - Web based personal news and blog reader RSS, ATOM Enabled

If you own a account, you can add articles directly to your favorites without the need to leave Rezzibo. Rezzibo enables you to save interesting articles for later reference. You can not only search in articles saved by you, but also in all ar


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Statistical comparaison of blog tag clouds