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Te Tuhi Video Game Machine

The machine turns pictures drawn by gallery visitors into video games, which can be played immediately. Note: This page is about the exhibit, not the free software project.

Scream — Goose Apps

Scream is a stress-relieving application that measures the intensity of your scream, converts that intensity to a score, and (optionally) posts that score in a way that every other Scream user can see it, and know just how upset you really are!


My Dream App

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Application idea contest: “we're not searching for skilled programmers. Instead, we're simply looking for the greatest ideas, and widening the search to include you.”

Software Calculated to Drive You Mad

We at Leonard Labs want to help the developer community. Why? So that we can gain their trust and then trick them into using our proprietary technology. Just kidding. With one exception, the programs here are all licensed under either an OSI-approved lice