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July 2007

xtimeline - Explore and Create Free Timelines

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Web service to create custom timelines of any subject.


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Pownce is a way to send messages, files, links, and events to your friends. Right now, there are four basic things you can send: messages, links, files, and events.

June 2007! - Blabberize Your Pictures

a service where you make your photos talk and 'move'

walk2web - Walk. Explore. Have Fun ;)

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Walk the web, Very interesting web application: enter a URL and it will show you a treemap of related links, a preview along with commenting, voting, add tags...

April 2007


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Windows, Mac and Linux application based on the Firefox browser with support for blogging (Blogger, Dupral, LiveJournal, MovableType, Typepad, Wordpress) photosharing and commenting (Flickr, Photobucket), social bookmarking (, Shadows) ...RSS r

:: Alce - Compartilhando o melhor da Internet ::

Brazilian social bookmarks using tags. created by Bruno.

This One Next

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Enter a book, CD or DVD that you enjoyed and the site will analyse our database of real users' preferences to suggest other books, CDs or DVDs that you might like. It's a bit like browsing the shelves of thousands of friends at once! (You can register on

March 2007

ToonDoo - The Cartoon Strip Creator - Create, Publish, Share, Discuss!

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Hobo is an Open Source extension to Ruby on Rails which helps you build full blown web applications incredibly quickly and easily. Available as a Gem or Rails plugin, Hobo provides a simple, clean and elegant development framework which allows for rapid p


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A kind of social network with chatting. In Englisk, Japanese and Korean. - The photo voting community

by 2 others was created by a couple of geeks in England. It uses LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and was written from scratch.

Pipes: Rewire the web

Annotated link

Watchr - A community of topics built by those that love them

Search for a Topic. If it has been created in Watchr, you will automatically be taken to a page that shows you current news articles, blog posts, related sites and more on the Topic. Watchr will then go out and grab new information on the Topic from aroun

December 2006

Zapr - Really Simple Sharing - What Is Zapr?

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Zapr lets creats links to share, to any files.<br>


Firefox extension that lets you see what other people around you are doing - visualize traffic around you. <br>

Wishroll: WishList service

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wishlisting using tags.<br>

Twitter: A Whole World in Your Hands

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<h2 align="left"><font size="3">A global community of friends and strangers communicating.</font></h2>

Jaiku | Home

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Get an overview of the latest updates from your contacts and add comments.<br>

Web Design Tools

Collaborative webdesigners links that let's you create your own toolbox. <br>

Gotuit Media : Social video tagging.

The on-demand personalized video experience lets you go directly to the parts of a video you want to watch most. Service comes along with an online editor -> SceneMaker is an online tool that lets you deep tag Flash videos already uploaded on t

Watch, Share, Create - Grouper Video

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Windows based application that allows users to share their personal media within private groups. . Grouper Networks enables its members to watch, share and create video on the Web, desktop and connected devices and continues to be the leading innovator

UnSpun by Amazon: Community Opinions ... Ranked!

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Simple and nice. Amazon's listing webapp with user rating order. <br>


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Social Discovery meta search engine

November 2006 : News from around the world - your way !!!

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NEooWS is an online RSS aggregator and reader featuring a community based approach to news and content delivery. NEooWS users can tag, comment and save stories and interact with other users in a ways centered around the content.

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