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Stupeflix - Video production made easy

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turns your pictures, videos, and text into professional videos.

VUVOX - slideshows, photo, video and music sharing, Myspace codes

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VUVOX gives you the power to create one of a kind stories in an instant. All you need to do is provide whatever cool content that you have. Take pictures, video, audio and text. Mix it up. Choose backgrounds, colors, textures that create your vibe and then you are ready to share your piece with the world.

xat chat. Free chat rooms. Make your own chat group. is a fun social networking site with the coolest online chat box. Run your own chat, Poll Quiz SlideShow...

Welcome to Dimdim

Meeting tool: videochat, Share desktop, show slides

SIMILE Widgets | Runway

This widget lets you display images in a rich interactive visualization similar to that of Apple iTunes known as Cover Flow. It is a Flash-based implementation.


Speechi is a tool that allows you to convert your PowerPoint presentations into Flash files (with no audio) and showcase them online. Moreover, thanks to the other three paid plans provided by Speechi, you can also record live lectures, add voice narration to your presentations and use the Speechi integrated whiteboard option within PowerPoint. Free sign up.



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slideshow creator that animates your photos. Annotated link

jCarousel Lite

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light slideshow using jquery

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A tool that lets' you create and embed flickr slideshows.

flickrSLiDR - Embed Flickr Slideshows within Your Site

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Allows you to easily embed the classic flickr slideshows.



Enter a word and watch the flickr photo stream. Click to interrupt stream and try another word.

Flickr Album

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Online tool to create Flickr slideshows and keep it's link


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open source Flash image gallery that uses Flickr to manage the images. easily customizable via an XML file that describes the various options: which pictures or sets you'd like to display, if it should be as a slideshow, the colors, if there are thumbnail

f* Gallery

php based Photo Gallery for flickr Members to display their photos uploaded to flickr on their personal website.