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AutoHotkey - Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText

AutoHotkey unleashes the full potential of your keyboard, joystick, and mouse. For example, in addition to the typical Control, Alt, and Shift modifiers, you can use the Windows key and the Capslock key as modifiers. In fact, you can make any key or mouse button act as a modifier. For these and other capabilities, see Advanced Hotkeys.

Abracode Shortcuts

Ever wanted to assign a hot key combination to contextual menu item?



URL shortcuts for feed syndication specs (-)

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Want an easy way to jump to the specifications of your favorite web feed technologies? Me too! I created a few URL shortcuts to eliminate the need for bookmarks and provide a new and memorable way to introduce people to specs and standards. Add a subdomai

YubNub (aliases) -

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YubNub (aliases) is an extension of YubNub allowing you to create aliases for any command, make your own personal commands, and save memos using YubNub! Example: !seta w wiki !s (sets YubNub (aliases) command "w" as a wikipedia search)

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