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September 2009

HighlightCam :: Make your video shorter, automatically -- for webcams, monitoring and security

“HighlightCam is a webcam video service that automatically finds the best parts of your videos--and shows you just those parts. We make it easy to find where your cat did a backflip or a burglar broke into your house--and one click lets you jump to the same spot in the original video, to see and hear the whole thing.” - Online photo albums, photo sharing and photo storage

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socialight | friends | mobile phones | fun

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August 2009

Ubidesk::online collaboration tool, Document collaboration, Task management, Project collaboration, Simple project management tool, Intranet, Enterprise wiki, Calendar, Timeline

Ubidesk is an online collaboration space where you can run team projects with document collaboration and task management. Ubidesk is offered as a SaaS(Software as a Service), and you can use it through your web browser anywhere anytime. Try Ubidesk and have your team enjoy real time collaboration!


Publish, Discuss, Socialize. Create your own community. Blogs, Microblogs, Wikis and Forums made easy. And it's free.


Sprinklepenny enables you to support your favourite sites with tiny payments. You decide how much to spend per month – typically $5 – and we then distribute this to your favourite sites. When you visit a site, you’ll see a badge thanking you for your support. Find out more on our features page.

Dial2Do - Home

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Dial2Do lets you do common tasks by just calling a number and speaking. Use it to send EMAIL or TEXT messages, record REMINDERS to help you remember things, post updates to your TWITTER or JAIKU stream and LISTEN to your favourite internet content. It's easy and handsfree.

Orsiso : Organize - Simplify - Socialize

Centralize chat - We currently support: Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Friendster, Twitter, AIM, MSN Messenger

July 2009

PinDax - Online Message Board

real-time alternative to the traditional message board. - Speak like Me!

Access students around the entire world that want to learn your language. You can teach class no matter where you are, at any time you want, without having to go anywhere!


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use our groups, custom keyphrases, priorities, source filtering to manage your Twitter stream

Warranty Elephant - Never forget warranties again

We will send you reminder emails at 6 months, 1 month and 1 week before your warranty expires. This will remind you to check your item and ensure it is in good working order. If it is not, you will have all the information needed, right in front you, to arrange for warranty service. You will never again spend money to purchase a warranty on an item only to have it break down and not be able to remember whether the warranty has expired or if you had even purchased the warranty in the first place.

June 2009

Jumblo | Free calls

phone call, sms PC > phone, phone > phone...are free depending on the coutry

21Classes – Free Classroom and Education Blogs - Home

helps you to aggregate your students individual and independent blogs.

Ring2Skype - Free SkypeIn Service- Have your number around the world for free

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“Ring2Skype is a new free service that allows you to receive phone calls on your Skype from the phone network

Trunk Club

The Trunk Club has revolutionized the way men shop for clothing

socialmod - social media moderation

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Socialmod makes moderating User Generated Content (UGC) easy. Use our service to moderate text, images, videos and Twitter.

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