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24 March 2006

netmite community is social search, networking, review, blog, chat, tag, forum for any web page

We have turned any web page into a virtual community - meet place or chat room with tags and comments

21 March 2006


The community blog Roundtuit takes a similar idea and asks people to submit their unwanted ideas to them.

20 March 2006


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online jamming! Musicians og the world can get together

19 March 2006

WINKsite: Mobile Community, User-Generated Content, Mobile Social Software, Mobile Chat, Mobile Site Builder

Join The WINKsite Mobile Community. In minutes, you can set-up a mobile space that's available worldwide on a web-enabled phone, PDA or desktop PC. Each mobile site is outfitted with easy-to-use mobile channels including chat, blog, mobile feed reader, surveys, journal, forum, calendar, guestbook, bookmarks, email and more.

17 March 2006

Welcome to Boxxet

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Boxxet (pronounced "box set") brings together the "best of" news, blogs, photos, gear, services and much more on people's favorite subjects.

Welcome to Red Toucan

We're the social network that's not about dating, making friends or getting a job. It's about you and your social circles in your own private club.

14 March 2006

Quiz, Horoscope, Flash Games, Poems - Quizilla!

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create, take and share quizzes, a personal journal, write poems, stories, create and share games and more.

12 March 2006

09 March 2006


Tagged is a new interactive social experience for teens like you. It's a place for you to come every day to check out your friends, build your team, and show off what you're all about! Once you've been Tagged by someone you know, you can come to


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Loomia is a search engine which utilized users collective intelligence by providing discovery services. Loomia crawls all the blogs for audio and video files and letting users to tag the content they like.

06 March 2006

Tag cloud

Nulltag is a community web site that allows its users to share and promote just every kind of news. submit vote comment stories.

04 March 2006

03 March 2006


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Sign up for swapzies and have one repository for all your digital files. You can share files, play them online and upload and download to your heart`s content. You can create an online profile, send messages between users and meet cool people! You can even link directly to your existing blog or homepage.

26 February 2006

Ideas by Creativity Pool

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Social community to submit and disscuss ideas

18 February 2006


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Bubbler Instant Publisher makes it easy to create dynamic web sites, blogs and wikis and update them with fresh content—text, images, video and audio clips, links, files, RSS, and contributors. With an elegant interface, drag and drop ease of use, and d

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