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Write and share documents easily, quickly and privately!

Wuala - Secure Online Storage - Backup. Store. Share. Access Everywhere.

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You start with 1 GB online storage for free, which can be easily increased. Become a Pro user by buying additional storage or by trading unused local disk space for more online storage.

Twitzee - Send Tweets Anonymously...shhh!

Is this a place someone could do dangerous denunciations?

FreeMyFeed - Free Your Feed From Authentication

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Have you ever wanted to view an RSS or ATOM feed in a web based feed reader such as Google Reader or Bloglines, but could not because the feed required user authentication or used an invalid SSL certificate?


Choose the request method, customize headers and POST parameters, add basic authorization, and even follow redirects. Then view the nicely formatted request and response. It's the perfect tool for testing APIs. Just enter a URL and click send.

Vidoop » myVidoop

Image-based Password Manager remembers your passwords and automatically fills in forms.

WatchDox - document control, document tracking

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WatchDox is the easiest way to send documents securely, and control and track who views, prints or forwards them.


Marketers, corporations, criminals, and governments all monitor your online activities. Some even use filters to completely block your access to information. BitBlinder is software that gives you back your online freedom.


DropBoks - Simple online file storage.

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seure - 1 GB - upload and download files (any format) as large as 50 MB.<br>

Secure File Storage and Sharing –

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Strongspace is a secure place to gather, store, back-up and share any type of file with your co-workers, friends and family. You can upload, download and manage your files over SFTP (Secure FTP) or with any modern web browser.

Contract Management, efax, NDA, Document Management, Non-Disclosure Agreement from EchoSign | land02m

For sending, signing, tracking and storing documents on the internet. Word, Excel, PDF ... even WordPerfect! Fax signatures, e-Signatures.

Avvenu - Access Files and Share Photos from Anywhere

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Free Secure social file and photo storage and file editor with mobile support.


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StakeItOut is a secure service for sharing private bookmarks and web services. You can use it for whatever you want, but you could use it for:

AirSet - Shared Online Calendars, Contacts and Lists for your Family, Work and Social Groups

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Share iCal calendars, contacts, lists and more, Manage all your groups, Sync with Outlook and Palm desktop, secure and private, Backup your mobile phone data to our secure website

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