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411sync: Flickr & Yahoo mobile search

Get photos from Yahoo Image , Yahoo news images and Flickr. For Flickr, for a specific user. Provide us the username of the person whose photos you would want to see and get upto 20 photos back. This is a WAP only service and is not available on SMS or Email.

Rocketinfo - The RSS Search Company

RSS search engine with date, audio and news support and RSS reader service


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Wikio is a user managed news search engine. It watches, real time, thousands of news sources, gathers hundreds of thousands of stories every day and classifies them by their topics in a multi millions documents database. information classification is based both on its relevancy and on its members popularity who vote, discuss or even write new stories.

moreoverhere Search

search 'more over here' Yahoo! News API for recent news, the Technorati API for blog posts, for bookmarks, and of course Flickr for pictures.

Microsoft: Our engine to be better than Google soon | CNET

He said Microsoft's goal--but not its initial offering--would go beyond finding URLs and instead focus in on the specific information sought by Internet users.

Clusty the Clustering Engine

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metasearch engine, Clusty submits your query to a number of sources simultaneously--often including our own Vivsimo Velocity search engine, using our own crawls of Wikipedia, the New York Times, the Associated Press, and other special sources. By taking the average rank of each result from a number of search engines, Clusty provides a more reliable search that is immune to the quirks and vulnerabilities of one algorithm or another. This helps drop link spam lower in our results, and raise good results higher in the list. And by clustering your results, Clusty makes it easier for you to find the information you're looking for.

stamen: vox delicii

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This is an adaptation of In The News, a project that heat-mapped Google News mind-share from Spring 2004 through Summer 2005. I have stopped collecting information from Google News, and started looking at the Popular list of highly-linked websites. (why?)