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28 April 2006

25 April 2006

Welcome to Puresearch - The Ultimate Search Engine

Directory, Wiki, Articles Meta and news search engine.

19 April 2006

31 March 2006

21 March 2006

15 March 2006

Musipedia: The Open Music Encyclopedia

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Search or play a tune to find it, the generate a midi file can also be download.

14 March 2006


I-Spy is a community-based Internet meta-search engine that provides you with search results that are informed by similar users.

09 March 2006

05 March 2006

24 February 2006

browsr - people powered directory

(BETA): People powered directory where everybody can rate! <b>Some Features: </b> Tag cloud, Rateing, Categories, Comments, Public directories. Private or shared with select audiences directories are soon to come.

13 February 2006

browsr - people powered directory

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"Necessity is the mother of invention." As social networking has become a reality so has the need for both public and private directories. From the public or social side, users can tag their favorite sites to browsr allowing others to comment on them. These tagged sites can focus on products and services or other well-known sites and weblogs. From the private side, users create their own directories. Much like bookmarking, users add their own categories populated with their favorite sites. These private directories can be shared with select audiences. It is like having a mobile "favorites" or "bookmarks" directory. As an added feature, owners of private directories control whether other users can blog the sites they have tagged. (Note: private directories are not yet implemented in the current beta version but will be in the next version).