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Typedia: A Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces

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A Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces Typedia is a resource to classify, categorize, and connect typefaces. “In a nutshell, Typedia is a community website to classify typefaces and educate people about them. Think of it like a mix between IMDb and Wikipedia, but just for type. Anyone can join, add, and edit pages for typefaces or for the people behind the type.”

Welcome to WikiPic - The world's first real-time dynamic image library

WikiPic is a dynamic image web library that enables anyone to submit and receive information about any image. That is, visual content is ranked by value on the site, and users can discover information about images both as submitted and as endorsed by the community.



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Krugle makes it easy for developers to find source code and technical information - fast! - History in the Making

Future people powered search engine, it says: 'a system where you can find information on your searched keyword (for the first time in history!)' Previewseek used to do that...

Qube Desktop Client - Geeks Powerhouse

Qube v2 centers around the concept of browserless search , blending third generation websearch capabilities with user collaboration, free advertising & social networking .

What is Wikio? Definitely web 2.0 but what?

I've heard the words 'social bookmark', 'digg', 'technorati' mentioned in articles about Wikio but I find it quite different:

Gnovies! Discover new movies.

Gnovies is a self-adapting community system based on the gnod engine. Let's make it the most useful movie resource on the net!

Gnovies! Discover new movies.

Gnovies is a self-adapting community system based on the gnod engine. Let's make it the most useful movie resource on the net!

Welcome to GenCircles!

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GenCircles, the community-based genealogy site that is entirely free to use. You can search for information, and post your family tree files on our web site free of charge.

Books We Own List

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If you've ever been frustrated by an elusive fact in a book you just can't seem to get your hands on, Books We Own is for you. The more than 1,500 volunteers listed here will look up your ancestors in their home libraries—for free! Available resources are indexed by surname and locale, or try the new sitewide search.

Acronyms and Abbreviations

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Searches and submit acronymes in English, Spanishl, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.

The Freesound Project

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The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Freesound focusses only on sound, not songs. This is what sets freesound apart from other splendid libraries like ccMixter.

Searchius - A Collaborative Search Engine

Searchius is a hybrid P2P tool that collects URLs from end users and organizes them and their structures in suitable for general web searching formats. Searchius order results based on the collective preference of end users towards web pages.


I-Spy is a community-based Internet meta-search engine that provides you with search results that are informed by similar users.

PreFound - search what people have already found

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Think of it as the ultimate Search Blog Site or Wiki-search. Also, think of it as the ultimate Search Community site. A place for people of like interests to gather. can cut through the clutter that a typical Google search might return by add