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Run IE8/IE7/IE6, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera from the web

In my opinion, Xenocode Browsers is the ultimat tool for checking your website in different browsers. Xenocode Browsers allow you to lauch IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Google Chrome and Opera directly from the web. The only weak point: The service isn't available for Macs and GNU/Linux powered PCs.

svn - Revision 1180: /SafariBeta

Instructions for installing a SafariBeta as a self-contained .app . Licensing terms (aka: covering my ***) are at the bottom.

Many Tricks ยท Safari Guardian

There are at least three things a respectable web site should never do: Resize browser windows via JavaScript Bring browser windows/tabs to the front via JavaScript Open links in new "_blank" windows


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The problem with other ad-blockers for Safari is that they are implemented as awful hacks: as an InputManager and/or ApplicationEnhancer. This compromises the stability of Safari and very often create problems when Apple releases a new version of Safari. GlimmerBlocker is implemented as an http proxy, so the stability of Safari isn't compromised because it doesn't use any hacks. It is even compatible with all other browsers.


Converting Safari RSS feeds into exportable OPML file - The RSS Weblog

Download the XML stylesheet from here. Then run it in the terminal with these commands:

Debugging Safari | Getahead

Safari's debugging abilities are poor, often a good alternative is to get the site working in Firefox properly first and then fix the remaining bugs in Safari. Safari does have a "Debug" menu, although it is hidden by default. To display the debug menu, in a terminal window, type:

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