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03 April 2006


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Chuquet regularly scans over a thousand feeds - including stacks of Top 100 feeds - and looks for common links that appear within those feeds.

19 March 2006

Cloudee Alpha

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Alpha. Cloudee is an automatic aggregator. Think of it like an intelligent RSS reader that culls the daily headlines for hot topics. The hot conversations of the day are tracked using a cloud algorithm based on memes and links.

18 March 2006

by 1 other is a public RSS aggregator providing the latest news, views and content on a topic-based collection of feeds, called Dailies. It is simultaneously available on the web through an Ajax client and on the mobile phone in WML.

05 March 2006

Bean Rocket

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RSS aggregator If there are any mp3 links in an article, then there will be a small podcast player at the top of that article just under the article title.