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June 2006

URL shortcuts for feed syndication specs (-)

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Want an easy way to jump to the specifications of your favorite web feed technologies? Me too! I created a few URL shortcuts to eliminate the need for bookmarks and provide a new and memorable way to introduce people to specs and standards. Add a subdomai

May 2006 Librarian RSS Feeds Aggregator

by 1 other is a project created and maintained by Blake Carver & Steven M. Cohen. Blake does most of the programming and Steven does most of the feed maintenance and updates. LISFeeds is a server-side RSS/Atom/XML/Etc... aggregator that scrapes feeds fr

Simply Google

by 40 others, 1 comment is the simple version of that has been de-googlized

April 2006

RSS Feed Reader / News Aggregators Directory ::

Some RSS aggregators listed with a good short description

February 2006

3spots: Feed and RSS Tools in 5 Steps • • •

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How often are these feed subscription buttons used? Tracking doesn't show if the buttons are used. Here's a list...