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Tag cloud generator based on a bunch of feeds that you import via an OPML. The cloud is based on frequency and popularity.


EvilRSS - Google RSS Search - Nashville SEO, SEM, Internet Strategy and Web Design

Convert any Google search result into an RSS feed that you can subscribe in your feed reader.

So What is "Feed to JavaScript"?

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One of the best, with podcast support<br>


FeedButton Beta. Uncluttering Blogs

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Multi RSS feed subscription popup button generator

TagClick: ガイド


Durl, an RSS feed for URL queries

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Enter a url to retrieve information about people who delicious'ed it. already provides this service, Durl completes that with an RSS feed containing those results and trend history graphs. Don't miss the popular trends and now the

ResearchBuzz Tools: Kebberfegg -- Keyword-Based RSS Feed Generator

Kebberfegg is a tool to help you generate large sets of keyword-based RSS feeds at one time. Keyword-based RSS feeds (some people call them "search based feeds") are those RSS feeds generated as a result of doing a search -- for example, both Yahoo News and Google News have keyword-based RSS feeds. Your own RSS Feed Online

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Create and manage and update your feed online for anywhere. Choice of publishing your feed on your own server or ours.

Ponyfish RSS Feed Builder

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FREE web-based tool that allows you to create your own RSS feeds from almost any web page. Ponyfish is a FREE web-based tool that allows you to create your own RSS feeds from almost any web page.

Build a Feed You Can Cut 'n Paste

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This is the best rss to javascript converter

RoboCast - World's First (and only) Robotic Feed Podcast Generator

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With Robocast you can convert ANY RSS 2.0 feed into a Podcast which is great if you want to monitor a blog but aren't going to be at a computer to read it. It's also pretty handy if you're partially sighted or blind and just can't be bothered straining your eyes.

JavaScript RSS Box Viewer 1.0RC

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"JavaScript RSS Viewer puts little or long customizable RSS boxes anywhere you put HTML; build your own slashbox hell or heaven, it's feedarific!"


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Converts a list of hrefs in an rss file


Twistermc's Feed Subscription Button Maker - RSS Buttons in japanese

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