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Yahoo! Research

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Yahoo! Research is the central advanced research organization of Yahoo! Inc., a leading global Internet brand and one of the most trafficked Internet destinations worldwide. 

UVic Linguistics Research

Laryngoscopic images of the pharynx and larynx obtained using a Kay Elemetrics Rhino-Laryngeal Stroboscope 9100, halogen light source, Olympus ENF-P3 fibreoptic laryngoscope, Panasonic KS 152 camera, and 28mm wide-angle lens: View from the naso-pharynx adjusted to view the glottis, pyriform recesses, arytenoids, and aryepiglottic folds, as far as possible behind the epiglottis.

Mizuko Ito on Why Time Spent Online Is Important for Teen Development - MacArthur Foundation

It might surprise parents to learn that it is not a waste of time for their teens to hang out online,” says Mizuko Ito, University of California, Irvine researcher and the lead author of the most extensive U.S. study to date on teens and their use of digital media. The study showed that America’s youth are developing important social and technical skills online often in ways adults do not understand or value.

WorldWide Telescope

A web-based version of WorldWide Telescope is also now available. This version enables seamless, guided explorations of the universe from within a web browser on PC and Intel Mac OS X by using the power of Microsoft Silverlight 3.0.

Microsoft Education Labs

builds prototypes and gathers data to inform ongoing and future research and development in the education space

Mozilla Labs Test Pilot

Test Pilot is a platform aimed at collecting structured user feedback from Firefox and other Mozilla Labs experiments. As a Test pilot, not only will you try before anyone else the newest features and coolest user-interface ideas, you could also learn how those test results may contribute to future designs. The goal for this platform is to encourage everyone from all skill levels to improve the Web experience by conducting and participating in these tests.

Addiction Inbox: Heroin for Heroin Addiction

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Solve Puzzles for Science | Foldit

How does my game playing contribute to curing diseases? With all the things proteins do to keep our bodies functioning and healthy, they can be involved in disease in many different ways. The more we know about how certain proteins fold, the better new proteins we can design to combat the disease-related proteins and cure the diseases. Below, we list three diseases that represent different ways that proteins can be involved in disease.

Telono | expérience utilisateur | ergonomie informatique | accessibilité web | Genève, Suisse

Telono est une société de conseil en expérience utilisateur basée à Genève dont les pôles principaux sont l'ergonomie informatique et l'accessibilité web.

Many Eyes

Our goal is to "democratize" visualization and to enable a new social kind of data analysis. Jump right to our visualizations now, take a tour, or read on for a leisurely explanation of the project.


yePlorer works fantastically to visualize keywords and explore knowledge

Institute for Laboratory Animal Research - Home

The ILAR Journal is the quarterly, peer-reviewed publication of the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR). In keeping with the ILAR mission, invited authors provide thoughtful and timely information for all who use, care for, and oversee the use of laboratory animals. Issue themes and article topics are pertinent for investigators in biomedical and related research, institutional officials for research, veterinarians, and members of animal care and use committees.



The PF can help you to see perfectly through sunglasses and dark, tinted car windows.


SIMILE Project

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SIMILE is focused on developing robust, open source tools that empower users to access, manage, visualize and reuse digital assets. Annotated link

Buzz Game: Market

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