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musiclens - in tune with you

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ajust mood, tempo.. and it'll search for you. A bit like


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TheLastRipper can save streams to mp3's, while downloading album cover, appending ID3v1 tags and organizing you music after Artist/Album/Track.

2006 - Rhapsody Web Services

Rhapsody experience right to your own website using web browser technology, combined with dynamically updated RSS feeds available directly from the Rhapsody music catalog. We are starting off with basic tools like a Rhaplink generator and RSS feeds but there will soon be plenty of new APIs and data feeds for developers to enhance their sites with Rhapsody content.


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Listen to music online and offline with no play limits or ads. Choose from over 2 Million CD-quality tracks.


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MAshup of Pandora and PandoraFM is simple. As you listen to music via the excellent Pandora music service each song gets submitted to your profile on Last.FM. You're listening to music, so why shouldn't you be able to account for it?


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Makes a radio station by keyword!

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