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November 2009


NameGrab scours hundreds of Websites and social networks and tells you which are available for your chosen username. Then, it automates the process of claiming the ‘real you’ on the sites of your choice. By controlling your personal and professional brands online, you ensure that your online identity isn’t stolen and that no one cybersquats your name.

October 2009

SDV - Informations

Les particuliers, qui ne désirent plus recevoir de publicité adressée dans leur boîte aux lettres, peuvent s'inscrire dans cette base de données. En 2006, la SDV a décrété un code moral pour les ventes directes. Ses membres sont tenus de respecter ces directives et de ne plus contacter pendant la durée d'une année les personnes ne désirant pas recevoir des visites de vente porte à porte. Annotated link

September 2009

Anti-Spam - Fight Back Against Spammers | bulk unsolicited unwanted junk email

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Fight Back Against Spammers WWW Robots (also called wanderers, spiders, crawlers, or bots) are programs that crawl the Web continually retrieving linked pages. When a spammer's bot visits your website, blog, forum, etc, all pages and sites linked to it will be searched looking for email addresses.

August 2009

reCAPTCHA: Stop Spam, Read Books

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reCAPTCHA Mailhide helps you protect your inbox by asking people to solve a reCAPTCHA before they can view your email address.

July 2009

liquidID: OpenID Email Aliasing = Less Spam

liquidID is a unique OpenID provider with built in spam

April 2009

reCAPTCHA Mailhide: Free Spam Protection

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Enter an email address and we'll give you HTML code that requires users to solve a reCAPTCHA before they can see the address. (We stop spam, we don't create it -- we won't share your address.)

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