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2009 - an online business card

Something like put your business card at a place which then can be viewed, printed or saved as vcard by everybody interested to You. This is good for your personal branding or business...

Google Friend Connect Help

Google Friend Connect is a service that helps site owners easily provide social features for their visitors. Users gain the ability to sign in to, make friends on, and interact with your site, making it more social and more dynamic. No programming expertise is required: just paste a snippet of code that we provide onto your site. Learn how to set up your site. As a user visiting friend connected sites, you can become members of sites and interact with other members who share your interests. You can also invite your friends from orkut, Google Talk, and other social networks to join the community. No need to create a new account for the site: simply use your Google, Yahoo!, AOL, or other OpenID account.


On Netlog, you can create your own web page with a blog, pictures, videos, events and much more to share with your friend

Skillscribe - Welcome

Easily create and share your resume, photos and profile to promote your professional identity online.


On this website you get to decide what happens with your online profile after your death. We call the document you create an IkRIP

Delver - Search Your World

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Delver is an intelligent social search engine that enables you to find, experience and benefit from the wealth of information created and referenced by your own social world.


fatoumata camara - UNYK

The first smart address book that updates itself. * One ID for life to share all your contact info (e.g. 123 POP) and never lose touch. * A Web profile so you never miss an opportunity to be found.


Welcome to LinkedIn

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Annotated link

BlogStreet Profile

Yuku - Free Hosted Blogs, Message Boards and MORE!

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Yuku is profiles, image sharing, blogs and discussion boards community like MySpace but looks nicer and with Ajax effects.

Welcome to MyMe - Personal web identities

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Personalize your Blog, IM and Skype profile! emotions, caricature box for blogs

PersonalDNA | Your True Self Revealed - Fast Fun Free Personality Tests

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PersonalDNA is a web service that does a sophisticated and rigorous personality profile in about 15-20 minutes (I know because I just took one). It makes use of lots of cool ajaxy things like sliders and buckets.

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