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Is global warming caused by men? | Flusta

Service to bet on anything - nice UI global warming: 50/50!? whatever the real answer, should stay on the safe side



Bix: Lip-Sync, Karaoke, Photography, Comedy, Dance, A cappella, Writing, Beauty, and more

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bix is where anyone can vote on, participate in, and create contests. There are contests for fun and contests for prizes. Start sharing your talent!

Tezaa - Wisdom of Many

Wisdom of many. Tezaa Project, a non-profit, online community that is driven by polls. Any member can create, modify and participate in a poll. It aggregates public perception and opinions allowing everyone to benefit from information sharing.

Grupthink -- Ask Everyone

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Online social polls with tags

Quiz, Horoscope, Flash Games, Poems - Quizilla!

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create, take and share quizzes, a personal journal, write poems, stories, create and share games and more. - Create polls and vote for free!

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The poll box is 100% HTML/DHTML. No Flash!

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