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Online custom music player search and create your playlists


Podzy: Find fresh Podcasts or listen to your favorites with Podzy

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Podzy is a simple way access to your favorite Podcasts!

uLinkx - Social Media Organizer (-)

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uLinkx can best be explained as a web based media bookmarking tool for organizing all your favorite Videos and Music. It’s the hub of all media related activities like dynamic searching of videos and music, tagging and bookmarking them and finally sh


Upload and share playlists. has a desktop java tool, regular people are finding the best blogs, podcasts, videos, and photos and remixing them into their own live published playlists.


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Radio.Blog is a web-based flash application which dynamically creates a playlist of audio files to be heard by a website's visitors. It is a standalone application, requiring the visitor only to have flash installed on their computer. Juke.Blog is NOT rad » Video

by 2 others is the world’s first broadband TV channel dedicated to environmental issues. Each film can be viewed in Flash, QuickTime, Media player, MPEG4 or podcast.

Free Music MP3 Downloads to Sideload Into Your Locker @

by 18 others is a website that aggregates popular free music tracks on the web that have been sideloaded into Oboe, the MP3tunes online Music Locker. is an easy way to find great MP3 files from bands all over the internet. You can quickly preview tracks and store them permanently in your Locker with one click! -><a href="">Sideload</a>

Tunefeed Beta Signup

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An interesting new Aussie company that lets you setup a widget thing to stream music on your own blog (regardless of platform). Could be very good fun, and good to see a local company doing this

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