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past some text and it will generate a 'fill in the gaps' quizz

Particletree » PHP Quick Profiler

small tool (think Firebug for PHP) to provide profiling and debugging related information to developers without needing them to add a lot of programmatic overhead to their code.

Online PHP Editor -

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Develop and maintain your php applications in any modern browser, with all the comfort that you are used to in any desktop ide, with one major advantage: you can do your work anywhere (hotel, internet caffe, etc.)

A Better Login System - Nettuts

Most only deal with authenticating the user, which allows for two levels of security: logged in and not logged in. For many sites, a finer degree of control is needed to control where users can go and what they can do. Creating an access control list (ACL) system will give you the flexibility for granular permissions.

MAMP: Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP

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Most recent Macs come with everything that MAMP does, but by downloading and installing MAMP you can get your own local server up and running in under 5 minutes. In case you were wondering, MAMP stands for Mac, Apache, MySQL, and php/perl/python, whatever your server side language of choice.


Lead hoster

Free: 250MB Disk Space 6GB Traffic 2 Domains Hosting 1 MySQL Databases 5 Emails FTP Access PHP Support Perl Support Web File Manager

AWARDSPACE.COM - Free Web Hosting, Domain Hosting, Professional Web Hosting, Domain registration, Affordable, Reseller Program, PHP, MySQL, Ecommerce

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200MB Disk Space 5GB Monthly Traffic 2 Domains Hosting 5 Subdomains Free DNS Server PHP, Perl/CGI-BIN 1 MySQL Database FTP/FrontPage Access 5 POP3/IMAP E-mails FREE Account Setup Web-based File Manager Easy-to-use Control Panel Reliable RAID Backups GRID

FreeGlobes : annuaire Php/Mysql

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Free PHP/MySQL web directory script with digg-like voting and commenting.

addressbook [Clemens Wacha]

PHP iAddressBook is an address book for a single user. You can use it for Personal or Business Cards (it supports tons of fields), features a spotlight-like search, has transparent vCard import/export, multilanguage support, design templates and an intuit

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

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PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. If you are new to PHP and want to get some idea of how



PHP code to display Photos in a gride using Flick RSS


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Oberkampf is a set of a php tools to download that will allow you to paste certain functions into your files that result in some form of flickr result and display.


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open source PHP5 based api kit used to access the Flickr API. For download


PHP client for the Flickr web service. It has functions that return the responses from Flickr's API in a meaningful way for PHP developers. It will also contain functions that aggregate data from multiple methods. Compatible with PHP4. » Gordon Luk’s Freetag, an Open Source Tagging / Folksonomy module for PHP/MySQL applications (-)

Freetag is an easy tagging and folksonomy-enabled plugin for use with MySQL-PHP applications.

FeedCreator.class.php -

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FeedCreator.class.php provides an easy way to create RSS feeds from within PHP using ease to use classes.

Magpie RSS - PHP RSS Parser

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MagpieRSS provides an XML-based (expat) RSS parser in PHP.

Lussumo Filebrowser - Now with awesome thumbnailing power

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The filebrowser is a lightweight PHP application that allows you to thumbnail images and view them in a web browser. By Lussumo(Vanilla forum)

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