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Tag cloud generator based on a bunch of feeds that you import via an OPML. The cloud is based on frequency and popularity.


OPML to HTML bookmark converter

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copy your entire opml file into the textbox and press convert<br>

Loading OPML documents - (-)

Enter URL of OPML document Or drag one of the examples on the left to the input field.

FeedVault - Put your feeds in the safe! (-)

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If you are like most bloggers, your newsreader has more than 100+ feeds. These feeds are stored in, what is known as, an OPML file, some people call it a reading list or feed list. What if your online newsreader went down? Or your PC based newsreader cras

OPML Editor support: Welcome to the OPML Editor (-)

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A platform for outline-based applications The OPML Editor follows in the tradition of simple text-based tools masquerading as a rich development platform. Or is it the other way around? It's always been this way. The most powerful applications are

outlinertools : The home of my OPML outliner tool. (-)

Released v.01 of my outlinerTool for Dave Winer's OPML editing tool. This first version of the tool includes support for right-click menus to search Google for text selected from outlines including instant outlines. Download the tool by saving the followi

feedmarker: Admin>import_opml

Import OPML File Note: this may take a while, because all your feeds will be updated at once. OPML filename Tags to apply to all imported feeds Note: if your feeds are organized in folders, Feedmarker will apply folder names as tags for each feed.

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