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BlindSpeak® - Send Synthesized Messages Online!

allows you to send digitally synthesized messages to anywhere in the world. The service gives individuals the ability to think 'outside the box' when the need arises, to send funny or informative messages to others.

WatchDox - document control, document tracking

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WatchDox is the easiest way to send documents securely, and control and track who views, prints or forwards them.

Qipit - Copy and share documents

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Copy documents, whiteboards and handwritten notes with your camera phone or digital camera to store, fax, email or publish! The Qipit service is based on sophisticated image-processing algorithms that transform your documents into crisp and clear images.

Convert files and data online

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features include on the fly OCR conversion capabilities, over 50 different conversion options and proprietary XPS and PDF conversion abilities that retains formatting, images and text in the selected output format.

Online conversion tools for Adobe PDF documents

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Adobe PDF Conversion by Email Attachment If the Adobe PDF file is on local media, such as a hard drive, CD-ROM, or internal server, it can be submitted as a MIME attachment to an e-mail message. All converted Adobe PDF documents will be sent back to the sender as MIME attachments. For plain text, mail the attached PDF to For HTML, mail the attached PDF to

Neyun :: Welcome!

Neyun gives you an innovative way to easily extract, store, connect, visualize, and search all your personal information like emails, blogs, photos, contacts, appointments, news, and bookmarks in a single place.


You convert it - Free online file conversion (Document, Images, Audio and Video)

by 11 others support unit conversion of thousands of types making it easy for users to reach one stop shop without the need to jump from one location to another.



by 30 others is a simple tool that simplifies the process of compressing and sending your files online. isn't a replacement for the traditional desktop compression tools, but its just a tool that makes things easier by cutting down all the 'krunching'

Gmail dot Net

Graphical webmail using Ajax with drag and drop, maybecome a public service

Beeplet: timed alerts

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notification by sms, email, rss and messengers. built with Ruby on rails

Contract Management, efax, NDA, Document Management, Non-Disclosure Agreement from EchoSign | land02m

For sending, signing, tracking and storing documents on the internet. Word, Excel, PDF ... even WordPerfect! Fax signatures, e-Signatures.

TalentSpy beta - Find jobs and staff the easy way !

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Quite simply the quickest and easiest way to find the jobs you want or the staff you need. Email and RSS support.


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TXTmob is a service that lets you quickly and easily share txt messages with friends, comrades, and total strangers. The format is similar to an email b-board system. You can sign up to send and receive messages from various groups, which are organized around a range of different topics.

Apple .Mac

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Mac is more than just an e-mail service, it’s an entire package from Apple. For $99 a year, you’ll net yourself an e-mail address that ends in “”. If this cool moniker isn’t enough to turn you over to the side of Jobs, the additional features of this service will. You can publish photos for everyone to see, have a personal webpage hosted for you without the need to worry about bandwidth, keep multiple Macs in sync with each other, have blogging capabilities, get free storage with iDisk for backing up files, and a whole lot more. Though $99 may seem a bit expensive at first glance, remember what you’ll be getting with it. This e-mail service is not recommended for Windows users since you won’t be able to take full advantage of the .Mac services offered.

Hushmail - Free Email with Privacy - Login

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If security is your thing, you may want to give Hushmail a try. Hushmail encrypts all of your e-mails and automatically scans for viruses and SPAM. It’s free to sign up and get an account, but you can add lots of features to your account for a relatively low cost. You can even use Hushmail with your website to make sure e-mail is secure from any address you use. Hushmail also encrypts files when sending them through e-mail so you’ll never have to worry about someone discovering your data again.

Anonymous Email, Fake Email, Block Junk Email, Free Spam Blocker

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Sometimes we all see a promotion online that looks too good to be true. We give a company our e-mail address and a week later we have 1,200 new SPAM e-mails a day. Save yourself the hassle by using a disposable, anonymous e-mail address. MyTrashMail provides a great service for free that lets you use an anonymous address very quickly, with no password or sign-up needed. It’s perfect for things like e-mail verification, signing up for promotions, and dealing with people you’re not fond of.

Lycos Free Email

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Yet another company that has been around for awhile, Lycos also offers free e-mail with some great features. You’ll be glad to know you’re heavily guarded from SPAM and phishing attacks and can block domains and e-mail addresses that you don’t want to receive messages from. Disk storage is upgradeable so that if you need more room, you can easily obtain it for a decent cost. You’ll also be able to compose e-mails with HTML which will give you the ability to make your messages look pretty and make them a little more personal. Their Lycos Mail Plus service allows POP3 access, no ads, and 125MB of storage. Don’t expect to be sending files left and right with Lycos, but their service is pretty decent for free e-mail.

With a domain name like, you’d expect it to be the king of all e-mail. It’s not, but Mail does have a lot to offer you. Their free e-mail service includes the usual anti-virus and SPAM protection you’d expect by now. In addition, you also get some pretty handy features like a notepad, calendar, address book, and more. They’re also offering their instant messenger, which lets you use services like AIM, ICQ, and MSN all in one client. Not too bad for a free service. They also offer a list of domains to choose from so that you can get an address that you like, just in case “” is a little too plain for you.

MuchoMail - free email services

Not everyone needs a feature-rich e-mail service. MuchoMail is a very simple web-based e-mail service that will most likely suit your needs. Storage is lacking, though, with only 25MB of space available for users of the free service and 1GB for premium users. You get SPAM protection, anti-virus, folders, and a few other basic e-mail features like attachments and an address book. Not everyone needs the power of Gmail or the security of Hushmail, so if you know someone looking for a very simple to use, free, robust e-mail service, tell them to try out MuchoMail. Sometimes having no frills can be a good thing. - Your eyeOS virtual desktop today.

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Web-base applications (Calendar, an Agenda, a Word Processor, a File Organizer, a Bookmark browser, A Mail system to talk with other users using this system, etc...). But this isn't all, you also will be able to play with some games and use the applications from and themes from!

Laszlo Mail

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Online Flash free webmail service

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