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Electronic notepad - PicoNote

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can write public/private notes - mobile access - from website or twitter.

EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing

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web-based word processor that allows people to work together in really real-time w chat The free service. let's you create share with up to 16 people, with some minimal security through a randomized URL. - Post information. Share it.

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It is a simple tool to post text online. Free edition does not allow editing or custom URLs. Supports BBcode, embed images videos, allow comments, privacy - no preview

Webnote - an online tool for taking notes

Webnote is a tool for taking notes on your computer. It allows you to quickly write something down during a meeting, class, or any other time that you have a web browser available. You start by creating a workspace and creating notes in the workspace. You can save your workspace at any time and return to them from the same computer or any other computer. You can also share your notes with others by providing the workspace name (or url) to a friend.

Jjot - Take notes online, fast.

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Sharing your noteboard allows others to read it, not edit it. Login to save

CopyTaste | CopyPaste has never been so tasty!

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CopyTaste enables you to create your own private URL with the data you wish to share with your friends or colleagues. supports video embedding

Canvas for OneNote

Canvas for OneNote allows you to navigate and edit notebooks in a new way by providing a high-level canvas-view of all your content. The prototype lets you zoom and pan around



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As you type, Stikkit watches for appointments, to-dos, people, bookmarks and more, magically extracting and organizing the important details.


In page ajax web stickies and more script: -PHP/ SQL database -Login system -Drag to move -resizable in all directions -In-Place Editing -Login system -Associates stickies with URL -Associates captions and annotations with image filenames. -Effects: Trans

Askjeeves search site





Furl one click


Google Notebook

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Standalone windows application and toolbar that lets you clip text, images, and links to create notebooks you can share. <b>Features:</b> One click add notebook. One click add note. 2 click make public. One click print to PDF and HTML. Notes with expande/collaps, WYSIWYG editor <b>Tools:</b> Required toolbar only for windows IE 6/Firfox +1.5 and Linux Firefox +1.5

Welcome to

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Web postits you can drag and drop and send to mobiles.

Welcome to

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Web postits you can drag and drop and send to mobiles.


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mynoteIT is an extremely powerful utility for any student at any grade level. You can store all your school information in one place, and access it anywhere in the world instantly.

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