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IntuitionHQ, make website usability testing part of every website project

Create tests like: Click where you think will lead you to... and ask ppl to do the test. Service will record the click and show them in a heatmap

socialmod - social media moderation

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Socialmod makes moderating User Generated Content (UGC) easy. Use our service to moderate text, images, videos and Twitter.


JungleDisk - Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3 ™ - Jungle Disk

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Jungle Disk is an application that lets you store files and backup data securely to's S3 ™ Storage Service.


QOOP flickr Photo Printer

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Service for printing Flickr photos

Secure File Storage and Sharing –

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Strongspace is a secure place to gather, store, back-up and share any type of file with your co-workers, friends and family. You can upload, download and manage your files over SFTP (Secure FTP) or with any modern web browser.

Octeth - Reliable Solutions for Your Website

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oemPro lets you to track click-throughs for each link with their names. This lets you to track the same link on different location of your newsletter. Decide which location is the best place for your order link!


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web-based software that provides small teams with email, calendars, contacts, files, and shared applications. 15$/month