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June 2006

Sampa Corp.

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is a platform for users to create a whole range of different apps - blogs, newsgroups, pages, photo albums, family tree, etc.

May 2006

StarterBase : Welcome!

Starterbase lets you create and share simple web applications without any coding knowledge. You can create a CRM database, a bug tracking system, a to-do list, a product catalog...anything you want and share it with others.

April 2006 : Family Pictures Made Easy

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Amiglia is focused on family networks, tying the visual family tree with an online photo album. The site includes a family calendar, birthday reminders, mp3 uploads for slideshows, integrated mapping and powerful photo tagging.

TracBac -Design collaboration just got better!

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TracBac makes it simple for designers / creators to share, comment, collaborate and interact with their clients. It's simple, easy, and web-based. - Your eyeOS virtual desktop today.

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Web-base applications (Calendar, an Agenda, a Word Processor, a File Organizer, a Bookmark browser, A Mail system to talk with other users using this system, etc...). But this isn't all, you also will be able to play with some games and use the applications from and themes from!

March 2006

My So-net

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Multi service: rss calendar email weblog contact