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Conversations with your friends

Rseven - Mobile Backup and Sync Service

Rseven archives all the data recorded by your phone into a website. As your phone documents your daily activities, Rseven website shows your life journey in a timeline and displays the strength of your relationships with the people that you communicate with". Rseven mobile client on the phone collects the data from the phone and uploads them to the website. The Rseven mobile client also synchronizes the phone's contacts

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My Name is E

E enables you to collect your accounts - on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and every other network of your choice - in one spot, and share them in real life by using any mobile phone or Connector.

Qipit - Copy and share documents

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Copy documents, whiteboards and handwritten notes with your camera phone or digital camera to store, fax, email or publish! The Qipit service is based on sophisticated image-processing algorithms that transform your documents into crisp and clear images.

Pixelpipe - Free your content, post, upload and share anywhere

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Pixelpipe is a content distribution gateway that allows users to publish text and upload photos, video and audio files once through Pixelpipe and have the content distributed across over 75 social networks, photo/video sites and blogs, and other online destinations. We provide a number of mobile



Twitter: A Whole World in Your Hands

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<h2 align="left"><font size="3">A global community of friends and strangers communicating.</font></h2>

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Get an overview of the latest updates from your contacts and add comments.<br>


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ShoZu is the easiest and coolest way to upload videos and photos from your phone to your sharing Web sites, supports flickr, Youtube, Webshots and many more

Think Rollyo mashed up with AIM. Though not the easiest thing in the world to figure out at first, it could be a real time saver once you’ve got it set up.

News Alloy : Web Based Feed Reader, Mobile Feed Reader

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What makes News Alloy unique is easy and intuitive interface and unbeatable speed comparable to desktop applications due to javascript based GUI.


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Todo list manager with mobile, code coloring, print and email farward suppot

Welcome to TextPayMe

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TextPayMe for sending money by sms

Avvenu - Access Files and Share Photos from Anywhere

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Free Secure social file and photo storage and file editor with mobile support.

Evoca - Easily create, organize, share and search voice recordings.

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Now everyone can easily create, organize, share and search voice recordings. Blog sidebar


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We make it easy and pleasant. You report bills and loans, we track the balance between friends. Use a mix of any currency - $, €, ¥, £, etc.When you're on the go, use your cell phone.


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Easily sync photos between your computer, your phone and the web. backup of mobile phone pictures, speedy catalog recovery. Pretty good. They're also building a platform for developers so that any data can be effortlessly synchr.

BloggerSnap - Free web tool for blogs and websites

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With BloggerSnap your visitors can now easily post on your blog or site a snapshot taken with their webcam - Welcome lets users search for local happenings, create events for friends to attend, and send digital pictures taken with their mobile camera phones – from the Internet or their cell phone. The site works in real-time through a users cell phone, allowing them to capture spontaneous moments, view photos in a slideshow form and then comment and tag.