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October 2007

June 2006

mobsaver - SMS price comparison tool

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Free SMS price comparison tool. Compare prices on Amazon and eBay while you're out shopping via text messaging. URL

Think Rollyo mashed up with AIM. Though not the easiest thing in the world to figure out at first, it could be a real time saver once you’ve got it set up.

May 2006

Feel The Force

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Ajax search engine with keyword suggestion, searches flickr or Yahoo, web, images, videos, news. Has a mobile version


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Mobile search

411sync: Flickr & Yahoo mobile search

Get photos from Yahoo Image , Yahoo news images and Flickr. For Flickr, for a specific user. Provide us the username of the person whose photos you would want to see and get upto 20 photos back. This is a WAP only service and is not available on SMS or Email.

March 2006

YubNub Mobile

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Yubnub mobile version. Yubnub fans: Berry 411 now supports yubnub as a search plugin (keyword "yubnub", or "yn" for short).