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Opera Mini Simulator

live demo of Opera Mini that functions like it would when installed on a handset

Voice on the Go Inc.

6$/month - Handfree access to online webapps. Provides mobile subscribers with access to email, SMS, calendar, contacts, Twitter, Facebook and more…without typing, by voice at any time on any mobile device Subscribers can listen to, compose, reply and forward their email all by voice – hands-free and eyes-free safely while driving, or any other time. Currently, 50 countries .available in a number of languages including English (US

Qipit - Copy and share documents

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Copy documents, whiteboards and handwritten notes with your camera phone or digital camera to store, fax, email or publish! The Qipit service is based on sophisticated image-processing algorithms that transform your documents into crisp and clear images.


UNYK – Address book

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synchronize Hotmail Outlook Gmail contacts


Welcome to

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Web postits you can drag and drop and send to mobiles.


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Todo list manager with mobile, code coloring, print and email farward suppot

Avvenu - Access Files and Share Photos from Anywhere

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Free Secure social file and photo storage and file editor with mobile support.

Evoca - Easily create, organize, share and search voice recordings.

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Now everyone can easily create, organize, share and search voice recordings. Blog sidebar


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We make it easy and pleasant. You report bills and loans, we track the balance between friends. Use a mix of any currency - $, €, ¥, £, etc.When you're on the go, use your cell phone.

eMessenger: mobile

Mobile chat: MSN AOL Yahoo! MSN BETA


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Easily sync photos between your computer, your phone and the web. backup of mobile phone pictures, speedy catalog recovery. Pretty good. They're also building a platform for developers so that any data can be effortlessly synchr. - Welcome lets users search for local happenings, create events for friends to attend, and send digital pictures taken with their mobile camera phones – from the Internet or their cell phone. The site works in real-time through a users cell phone, allowing them to capture spontaneous moments, view photos in a slideshow form and then comment and tag.

Flagr :: Sharewhere.

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Share your favorite places: Bookmark the Real World, Add Pictures and Invite Your Friends!

mobileGlu | your mobile glue

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mobileGlu brings together your life online into one place on your mobile: * mobileGlu will pull the data from your life online and optimise it for your mobile device automatically * mobileGlu will allow you to post to your online services from your mobile * mobileGlu currently supports, Flickr, moblogUK,, and RSS feeds with more being added as time goes on * If you are a developer, then drop us a line, and we can mobilise your existing services for you, letting you worry about your online application, and letting us worry about putting your app on the mobile


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Fast. Simple. Intuitive. Sharpcast Photos brings your computer, your mobile phone and the web into perfect harmony so you can see and manage your entire photo collection from anywhere, at any time with the rich, intuitive view you're used to on the desktop. Full of one-of-a-kind features like instantaneous backup of mobile phone pictures, speedy catalog recovery and other completely worry-free photo features that only Sharpcast delivers, Sharpcast Photos equals simplicity.