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HadToSay removes barriers with the comfort of annonymity, and frees the tounge to speak whats on our mind.


Google Noticeboard is an application that helps people access and share information over the Internet using public digital noticeboards. Using Google Noticeboard, communities can access a variety of relevant information. People can create text messages or record voice snippets and post them to one or more noticeboards.



QuickTopic: free message board hosting (bulletin boards)

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For any quick group discussion, use QuickTopic free message boards instead of just email. Your messages will be in a private central place. Your friends can participate by email or use the web forum, because QuickTopic's super-easy web message boards let you get and post messages by email. Use it on your web site too.


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If you are going to swear though, we prefer more creative forms of profanity:Portmanteau: twat + cunt = twunt. Can you think of your own?

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