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2006 | Web 2.0 Slideshow

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Web2.0Slides is a self-running slide show of over 1,400 of the top Web 2.0 applications—

Web 2.0 Innovation Map

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The Web 2.0 Innovation Map grew out of an interest in how Web 2.0 development is distributed geographically. Using the lists of Web 2.0 applications from various sources (see listings) and a bit of elbow grease to locate addresses, the Innovation Map was born. The locations listed here have come either from a WHOIS lookup or the contact information from the web site itself. Locations are not guaranteed to be accurate.

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The considered best web2.0 software should be listed here...

Building your very own web2.0 layout | mentalized

So you wanna look web2.0? You’ve come to the right place. In this short feature I’ll guide you through creating your very own webdesign template ready to be applied to your web2.0 application or blog or startup or what else you see fit. You’ll go fr