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DandyID: Universally Portable Social Identity!

Create a globally recognizable profile that follows you around the web and appears on DandyID enabled sites. Manage it from a single location.


Welcome to LinkedIn

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Annotated link

OpenID: an actually distributed identity system

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An OpenID identity is just a URL. You can have multiple identities in the same way you can have multiple URLs. All OpenID does is provide a way to prove that you own a URL (identity). And it does this without passing around your password, your email addre

MicroID - Small Decentralized Verifiable Identity

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MicroID is a new Identity layer to the web and that allows anyone to simply claim verifiable ownership over their own pages and content hosted anywhere. The technology is radically simple and capable of empowering new and unique meta services w

Welcome Page

Welcome to Zeffr! Zeffr has two main functions (so far). 1. Zeffr allows you to easily send your contact information to friends and business contacts. They can then create their own Zeffr account to save your information for easy access. 2. No mo

The latest version of the Simple eXtensible Identity Protocol, SXIP 2.0 is a protocol for automating the exchange of identity data on the Internet.

ePassportPhoto - the Internet passport photo booth - make free passport photos online from digital images

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ePassportPhoto is the Internet passport photos booth. They are accepted for your real passport and will look much better when printed on a 4x6" (10x15 cm) glossy sheet

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Ziki connects people based on who they are, what they're interested in and what they're looking for. Search for people based on the tags they've used to describe themselves

Six Apart - TypeKey

TypeKey enables you to verify and protect your identity on the web. Enabling TypeKey on your own site increases accountability for the content that appears on your weblog and stops comment spam cold.

Website-ID :: Website identification key

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The website-id code is a unique way to mark and recognize your website thanks to a standardized code that you will paste on your html homepage. is dedicated to your website's visibility among the multibillions webpages indexed by the best search engines.


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The basic idea of an i-tag (identity tag, independent tag, intelligent tag – take your pick) is that a user could tag an object on their own site (photo, video, sound file, text or an entire blog post), where the tag, and the object, would then go out t

isolatr beta

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For in case of overdose of spam?

Welcome to MyOpenID

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A MyOpenID account lets you use any OpenID enabled website. (only has 4 site now)

Six Apart - TypeKey

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TypeKey is a free, open system providing you a central identity for posting comments on weblogs and logging into other websites.

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