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TED: Ideas worth spreading

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TED is an organisation that invites inspirational people to an annual conference to share their thoughts on the world, technology, design and more. It videos the results and archives them here. Will keep you hooked for days.

E N D O R S E M E is a simple service to help you get feedback on your ideas or get recommendations on your craftsmanship.


Revelations: FolkMind – a killer app for the Web 2.0 era

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...To me the new killer app for the Internet should help me in working at any levels of abstraction. The higher the abstraction, the more volume of complexity and data I can handle. Also at any level of abstraction, I should be able to navigate between concepts that are visible at that level and observe new connections that were not apparent to me at a different abstraction. And when I want to dig deeper, it should help me in exploring more on that subject. At the lowest level of abstraction, it would resemble a browser. The mass of the content that is on the Internet will still be on HTML, which is doing a good job of capturing presentation information, and a browser is suitable to view this. In short this application should act as a seamless extension to mind and help me in generating ideas by creating new connection between concepts about which I have little or no previous knowledge by leveraging the collective intelligence of humanity.

The Next Big Web Thing - Nominate, Vote, Participate

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Join our hunt to find the next web hit - from new sites to web technologies; unique blogs to new concepts; exciting web games to new internet services and old sites and ideas with a new spin. If we think it's going to be popular or an internet buzzword, we'll feature it. Tell us if you think you have the next big success story - or think you know what it may be. We'll feature the ones we like here. At the end of each month we'll choose the best for you to vote on - the winner is awarded the 'The Next Big Web Thing' award for that month.

Ning App Ideas

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Ning App Ideas attempts to capture the types of social apps developers can easily build on the Ning Playground. These ideas are all yours to use however you'd like.

Ideas by Creativity Pool

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Social community to submit and disscuss ideas

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