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svn2ics: Subversion Log to iCalendar

lets you use Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird to browse the change log for a subversion repository.

iCalendar Validator

iCalendar Validator based on Ben Fortuna's iCal4j. if your calendar passes this validator, it will probably work in Google Calendar and Sunbird,


Outlook Group Calendar homepage

iGroupCal lets all Mac iCal share information with Windows Outlook. iGroupCal is a Java™ platform servlet that allows iCal users to share calendars in a group. Also works with other compliant apps, such as Mozilla Calendar or Ximian Evolution. <br>

Spanning Sync

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Service that keeps your Apple iCal calendars in sync with Google Calendar.<br>

iCal Weather

Subscribe to an up-to-the-minute weather report for your town -- directly from iCal!<br>Using the link below, just enter your zip code, choose your weather preferences, click 'Subscribe', and your personalized weather report will be added to iCal.<br>

iCalPublish - Combine multiple iCal calendars

Combine multiple iCal calendars and publish them to your .Mac account or a WebDAV server.<br>

Trumba - Website Calendars - Event Calendars

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Online calendar Import existing event information in all the common file formats including iCalendar, vCalendar, Microsoft™ Excel worksheet, and CVS or tab-delimited text files.

AirSet - Shared Online Calendars, Contacts and Lists for your Family, Work and Social Groups

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Share iCal calendars, contacts, lists and more, Manage all your groups, Sync with Outlook and Palm desktop, secure and private, Backup your mobile phone data to our secure website


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Publish public and private calendars via RSS and iCalendar. developer API.


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Publish public and private calendars via RSS and iCalendar. developer API.

30boxes Calendar

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Online Ajax calendar. Import from Outlook, Yahoo, and iCal, SMS/Text Messaging, microformats

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