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Clicking on any of these tasks will take you to a page where you can run the script or copy the script code and its associated images.

Boolify Project: An Educational Boolean Search Tool

tool to teach search options AND, OR, NOT... Librarians, teachers and parents have told us how hard it is for students to understand web searching. Boolify makes it easier for students to understand their web search by illustrating the logic of their search, and by showing them how each change to their search instantly changes their results.

Suicide Methods file

This is the semi-famous Methods File. It contains information on many different ways to take your own life. Some of them are serious, some of them are not. Hopefully, you can see which is which by yourself, but I'll try to mark them anyway.

Knol Help - a knol by Knol Help

Knol makes it easy for you to write and share your knowledge with the world.

The Interactive Way To Go

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Interactive Go lessons in many languages

- Celebrations and Holidays

We'll help you put together the perfect kids birthday party everyone will love.

jsharp - home

Welcome to this reference site for teachers. Some of the things you will find here are 'How to' tutorials There will be a variety of ideas of how to Integrate ICT (computers) into teaching and learning


interactive presentation to lean storyboarding

svn - Revision 1180: /SafariBeta

Instructions for installing a SafariBeta as a self-contained .app . Licensing terms (aka: covering my ***) are at the bottom.

Home | Common Craft - Explanations In Plain English

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Organizations of all types purchase our videos for training and education


In Pictures: Online computer tutorials based on pictures. Free.

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microsoft office Dreamweaver HTML CSS Photoshop MySQL PHP Perl ... In Pictures online tutorials are based on pictures, not words. There's no complicated multimedia, just pictures that show exactly what to do.