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hidden plist settings everyone can add here - not much yet

ie6fixer -

Welcome to the IE6 CSS Fixer: starter kit page. A tool specifically designed to ease the pain of the ie6 css debugger.

The Metasploit Project

Metasploit provides useful information to people who perform penetration testing, IDS signature development, and exploit research. This project was created to provide information on exploit techniques and to create a useful resource for exploit developers and security professionals. The tools and information on this site are provided for legal security research and testing purposes only. Metasploit is a community project managed by Metasploit LLC.


Breadcrumb CSS - Appleに習うパンくずデザインCSS - youmos

using a breadcrub class and images. 半透明のアルファチャンネルを持つPNGイメージを使う方法と、CSSでopacityを指定する方法のどちらでも同じようにデザインできます。IEはページ読み込み時のコンテ

Web Design Blog | » Blog Archive » Fighting Spam with CSS

The idea here is setting up a form with a text field and via CSS making it invisible. Then, if a post is sent to a php script handling the request and that text box has information in it, that means a human didn’t fill it out, and the script is simply a


inkBlots » Hacking RSS: The Threat is Real

I have decided to make some of my malicious RSS test scripts available to the community. NB: I'm bookmarking this as a test file, not for any malicious reason.


This BloggerHacks Wiki contains an ever-growing collection of hacks and modifications for Google's Blogger blogging service. The goal is to develop an open, current and comprehensive set of hacks, and to make them available to all blogger users.

CSS Bugs and Implementation Problems, with Workarounds

CSS Bugs and Implementation Problems, with Workarounds

Something Witty Goes Here » Blog Archive » Guide to Deploying SVG with HTML

My solution to this dilemma was to provide <object> for non-IE browsers and <embed> in IE browsers. I had done this using some JavaScript that transforms <object> elements into <embed> elements if IE is used and ASV is installed. You can see the JS here.

Stylish 0.2 Released [Jan 1, Page 4] - MozillaZine Forums

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Stylish is to CSS what Greasemonkey is to JavaScript. Stylish allows you to easily manage user styles for the application UI, all websites, or only certain websites. Stylish is better than using userChrome.css/userContent.css because styles are applied im

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