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ProgrammableWeb: Web 2.0 Mashup Matrix

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An experimental matrix of Web 2.0 mashups. Usage : Hover the cursor over any cell in the matrix. A small box gives details on mashups for that API combination. Top links in hover box bring you to that API's reference page. Links in body of hover


MxGraph Thin Client - JGraph in a browser!

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MxGraph is JGraph in a browser. It uses Javascript, SVG and VML, along with an XML communications protocol to provide an interactive graph visualization toolkit in a standard Internet browser. The demo of MxGraph is a pure client-side implementation, but

The Truth Laid Bear

NZ Bear's Ecosystem is the hub of the blogosphere. This is a comprehensive who's who, a list of the members of the club. This is the community.

Semanlink - Semanlink Home Page

Semanlink is a personal information management system based on RDF. It lets you add tags, as well as other RDF metadata, to files, bookmarks and short text notes that it allows to write. Providing a simple way to organize the tags in a graph, it allows yo

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | Projects | Sparklines

Welcome to the sparkline generator. You can start right away by dynamically creating a sparkline using the Sparkline Generator Web Application, or you can read more about sparklines and decide if you want to use the sparkline web service or if you would b

Collaboration tools for communities of practice.html

Source: I have never been really satisfied with various studies and white papers on collaboration tools because I believe that the tools you use to collaborate depend on the level of trust you have establis

Example of Animated Shakespeare Social Networks.avi (video/x-msvideo Object)

The following animation shows the evolution of the social network for the entire tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra:The video is compressed with MS-MPEG4 V2 and should happily play in Windows Media Player or mplayer on Linux. It is encoded at 4 frames per se

CNMchart: Flash bargraph

This is an example of a multipurpose bar chart written with Flash MX. It can be used to simply create a personalized bar chart, graphically displaying 'positive numbers' with any number of individual entries, to help make the information more assessable t


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Read/write Excel/CSV/OpenOffice files, draw bar/line/pie 2D/3D charts sample , Allows multiple people to view or edit the same spreadsheet, with drag and drop. - Diagram and draw in your web browser

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create diagrams and flow charts online. collaborative application letting you create a diagram, share it with others, work on it together, and publish when complete. - Where Stats Come Alive!

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World statistics. Using the form above, you can generate maps and graphs on all kinds of statistics with ease. stats - deli.ckoma

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Statistic data on number of posts per day. A post is a bookmark a user adds to his collection. There's about 400k posts and 200k links.

CFEmpire / Products - WebReports / Software development and consulting for the Coldfusion platform /

WebReports suite is a set of tools committed to deliver the best quality report solution for the best price on the market.