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Te Tuhi Video Game Machine

This program turns still pictures into video games. It is free software, licensed under the GPL (version 2 or greater), and written primarily in Python and C | extraordinary web for kids.

If you have kids you are already aware that the internet could be very useful, and this site gives you the chance to diminish to almost zero the harmful content they might be exposed to, augmenting their chances to learn only about what is cool and useful.

Scratch | Home | imagine, program, share

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Scratch is a new programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and share your creations on the web.

Te Tuhi Video Game Machine

The machine turns pictures drawn by gallery visitors into video games, which can be played immediately. Note: This page is about the exhibit, not the free software project.


MyHeritage face recognition

Face recognition tools: Findout which celebrities you resemble ! :)


[sms] Web 2.0 Battleship Game

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Java ajax online battleship game

Flickr Sudoku

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Just as it says Flickr sudoku


Online chess that uses Ajax

MouseBrains v1.0b

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Mouse Brains is a simple tool designed to take you a few short steps beyond the classic random word and word association brainstorming techniques. Brainstorming using random words is a simple technique that opens up the mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking about a problem. - Home

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Choose one of the games below to challenge It. Artificial Intelligence emulates human brain.


Digg for funny videos, images, games & silliness

Quiz, Horoscope, Flash Games, Poems - Quizilla!

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create, take and share quizzes, a personal journal, write poems, stories, create and share games and more.

ajax chess

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* 35 kb javascript * in 1400 lines of code * code-messup ratio: 15% * 3 weeks spare time coding * it's multiplayer only * so grab a friend or meet someone in the chat : D

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(alpha) collection of [media] [books] [dvds] [music] [games] disscussion feature to come

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