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Status Search: Search your friends social status updates

Status Search allows you to search your Facebook and twitter friends to find relevant content. Use it to search anything you would prefer searching in your friends rather than on the web: book, vacation, beer, party, job and much more.


Twitter: A Whole World in Your Hands

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<h2 align="left"><font size="3">A global community of friends and strangers communicating.</font></h2> :: vCard/LDIF -> FOAF converter/editor/generator v0.3

The "Friend Of A Friend" (FOAF) project is part of the Semantic Web initiative to describe human relationships in a machine readable form. Each person's profile contains a number of personal information together with brief descriptions of their friends an - Were you looking for me?

Wouldn't it be great if there was one simple way to find anyone for any purpose?

Welcome to Skobee - Make plans and hang out!

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make plans, check out what friends are doing, discover where everyone is going. Create new plans via email

Jookster - Search, Find, Share

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Jookster is a powerful search engine that ranks results based on sites you and your network finds of value. With Jookster, you are able to search the web and find relevant results based on jooked sites by you and your network of friends. In return when you see a great site, you can jook and instantly share it with your network.

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