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Mogulus Live Broadcast - Watch Free Live Video and Chat - Live Stream On Your Website

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Mogulus is the most powerful online video broadcast solution available. In just minutes you can create broadcasts as polished as any multi-million dollar traditional television network — with full capability to easily broadcast Live, 24/7 Linear, and On-Demand content — absolutely FREE.

ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing

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# 3mb files size limit - zip upload # Unlimited downloads # Unlimited uploads # No registration (optional) # Fast servers # Easy to use

DISQUS | Turn Blog Comments into a Webwide Discussion with a Powerful Comment System

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Disqus, pronounced "discuss", is a service and tool for web comments and discussions. The Disqus comment system can be plugged into any website, blog, or application.


Lead hoster

Free: 250MB Disk Space 6GB Traffic 2 Domains Hosting 1 MySQL Databases 5 Emails FTP Access PHP Support Perl Support Web File Manager

AWARDSPACE.COM - Free Web Hosting, Domain Hosting, Professional Web Hosting, Domain registration, Affordable, Reseller Program, PHP, MySQL, Ecommerce

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200MB Disk Space 5GB Monthly Traffic 2 Domains Hosting 5 Subdomains Free DNS Server PHP, Perl/CGI-BIN 1 MySQL Database FTP/FrontPage Access 5 POP3/IMAP E-mails FREE Account Setup Web-based File Manager Easy-to-use Control Panel Reliable RAID Backups GRID


Welcome to India

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The latest version has included Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology, upto 1 GB of storage space, and the ability to compose in 11 Indian languages, along with auto address completion.

Hushmail - Free Email with Privacy - Login

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If security is your thing, you may want to give Hushmail a try. Hushmail encrypts all of your e-mails and automatically scans for viruses and SPAM. It’s free to sign up and get an account, but you can add lots of features to your account for a relatively low cost. You can even use Hushmail with your website to make sure e-mail is secure from any address you use. Hushmail also encrypts files when sending them through e-mail so you’ll never have to worry about someone discovering your data again.

Anonymous Email, Fake Email, Block Junk Email, Free Spam Blocker

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Sometimes we all see a promotion online that looks too good to be true. We give a company our e-mail address and a week later we have 1,200 new SPAM e-mails a day. Save yourself the hassle by using a disposable, anonymous e-mail address. MyTrashMail provides a great service for free that lets you use an anonymous address very quickly, with no password or sign-up needed. It’s perfect for things like e-mail verification, signing up for promotions, and dealing with people you’re not fond of.

Lycos Free Email

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Yet another company that has been around for awhile, Lycos also offers free e-mail with some great features. You’ll be glad to know you’re heavily guarded from SPAM and phishing attacks and can block domains and e-mail addresses that you don’t want to receive messages from. Disk storage is upgradeable so that if you need more room, you can easily obtain it for a decent cost. You’ll also be able to compose e-mails with HTML which will give you the ability to make your messages look pretty and make them a little more personal. Their Lycos Mail Plus service allows POP3 access, no ads, and 125MB of storage. Don’t expect to be sending files left and right with Lycos, but their service is pretty decent for free e-mail.

With a domain name like, you’d expect it to be the king of all e-mail. It’s not, but Mail does have a lot to offer you. Their free e-mail service includes the usual anti-virus and SPAM protection you’d expect by now. In addition, you also get some pretty handy features like a notepad, calendar, address book, and more. They’re also offering their instant messenger, which lets you use services like AIM, ICQ, and MSN all in one client. Not too bad for a free service. They also offer a list of domains to choose from so that you can get an address that you like, just in case “” is a little too plain for you.

MuchoMail - free email services

Not everyone needs a feature-rich e-mail service. MuchoMail is a very simple web-based e-mail service that will most likely suit your needs. Storage is lacking, though, with only 25MB of space available for users of the free service and 1GB for premium users. You get SPAM protection, anti-virus, folders, and a few other basic e-mail features like attachments and an address book. Not everyone needs the power of Gmail or the security of Hushmail, so if you know someone looking for a very simple to use, free, robust e-mail service, tell them to try out MuchoMail. Sometimes having no frills can be a good thing.

Eurekster Swicki Home

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allows you to build specific swickis tailored to your interests and that of your community.

We fix IT

If you always wanted to know where your website’s visitors come from, then our free VLocate service is for you. Using the Google Maps API it provides you with a detailed view of the geographic locations of your site’s visitors. You can zoom in up to the level of detail provided by Google Maps.

Laszlo Mail

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Online Flash free webmail service

V4S – Free Web Voice Messaging

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send voice messages from any PC to any Skype contact and a streaming audio message will be heard by the recipient. The difference between Skype Voicemail and V4S? — V4S is Free. V4S can send you email and/or SMS alerts when you get a new message so you’ll know right away when an important message has arrived.

Springdoo - talk your emails with our voice email solution

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lets you record a voice message using your computer (for free), or via your phone (with subscription). it will then deliver that message as an email link to whomever you designate and they can hear the recording via streaming audio - not an attachment.

Hikyaku (Free World-Wide Japanese E-Mailer)

This is a web based free e-mail service able to process Japanese messages on no-Japanese computers,

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