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Talk Digger: The best way to find, follow and enter conversations of the Web

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Find Web Conversations and discover interesting stuff example * Find web sites linking to another web site. * See the relationship between conversations of the Web. * Browse the Web by browsing its conversations. * Discover interesting stuff by browsing effortlessly between conversations. Follow Conversations emerging around your favorite web siteexample * Get noticed when people say something new about a web site. * Follow what people say about your blog, web page, etc. Join Conversationsexample * Join conversations by adding your comment to the conversation. Get in contact with new peopleexample * Find people with same interests and get in contact with them. * Extend your social network.


flickr graph

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Flickr Graph is an application that explores the social relationships inside It makes use of the classic attraction-repulsion algorithm for graphs. Start exploring your contacts by entering your flickr username or the email address you used to :: vCard/LDIF -> FOAF converter/editor/generator v0.3

The "Friend Of A Friend" (FOAF) project is part of the Semantic Web initiative to describe human relationships in a machine readable form. Each person's profile contains a number of personal information together with brief descriptions of their friends an

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