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June 2007

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A tool that lets' you create and embed flickr slideshows.

May 2007

flickrSLiDR - Embed Flickr Slideshows within Your Site

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Allows you to easily embed the classic flickr slideshows.

August 2006


Enter a word and watch the flickr photo stream. Click to interrupt stream and try another word.

Flickr Album

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Online tool to create Flickr slideshows and keep it's link


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open source Flash image gallery that uses Flickr to manage the images. easily customizable via an XML file that describes the various options: which pictures or sets you'd like to display, if it should be as a slideshow, the colors, if there are thumbnail

f* Gallery

php based Photo Gallery for flickr Members to display their photos uploaded to flickr on their personal website.


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Custom cube showing flickr photos


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Create slideshows from file upload, flickr, photo bucket, Myspace or URL


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Simple javascript slideshows for Flickr

July 2006

April 2006


Flashed based flickr browser. Requires to enter your Flickr user ID.

Slide - Photo sharing for groups, photo discovery, and messaging for groups

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Let's you create slideshow from local upload or URL and share them: <a href="">Slide</a>

March 2006