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March 2007

FlickrScrapr - A PDF album generator from flickr

This XSL stylesheet takes as parameters a flickr user name (and optionally the name of a photoset of that user) and generates a photo album of the user's pictures. (.xml and .xsl files to download)


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Click on a link and a gallery is generated with your Flickr photos. (.js and .css files to download) Chek out the examples!

August 2006


PHP client for the Flickr web service. It has functions that return the responses from Flickr's API in a meaningful way for PHP developers. It will also contain functions that aggregate data from multiple methods. Compatible with PHP4.


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open source Flash image gallery that uses Flickr to manage the images. easily customizable via an XML file that describes the various options: which pictures or sets you'd like to display, if it should be as a slideshow, the colors, if there are thumbnail