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October 2007

August 2006


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Online image editor with basic editing features and Flickr integration.

flickr graph

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Flickr Graph is an application that explores the social relationships inside It makes use of the classic attraction-repulsion algorithm for graphs. Start exploring your contacts by entering your flickr username or the email address you used to


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a tool for browsing related tags on Flickr.


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Create slideshows from file upload, flickr, photo bucket, Myspace or URL

May 2006


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Mixes flickr, and a custom feed.

Flickr Sudoku

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Just as it says Flickr sudoku

April 2006

idGettr - Find your Flickr userid number

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This find's you Flickr user ID, required for many online flickr tools


Flashed based flickr browser. Requires to enter your Flickr user ID.


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Online Lightweight flickr Viewer

Slide - Photo sharing for groups, photo discovery, and messaging for groups

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Let's you create slideshow from local upload or URL and share them: <a href="">Slide</a>

Delivr Digital Postcards

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Digital postcards for the people by the people...just select an image from the most recent displayed on the home page, search all 600,000+ images*, or lookup your own pix to create a unique custom postcard.


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tool to create comic stripes

March 2006


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Advanced editor, upload from URL select,undo,resite,red eye, blure...


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A quickr way to generate HTML code of Flickr pictures for use in Xanga, other blogs, or any HTML Page

Flickr Leech

Browse Flickr by Interestingness, By Username, By User ID, Favorites, By Photoset, Group Pool

Wikipedia, Flickr, Delicious Bash

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A web 2.0 project that bashes together Wikipedia, flickr and Delicious on millions of topics.


A group blogging project in the form of a web services mashup built on Movable Type. Includes shared events calendar, flickr photo galleries and delicious links. Deals with digital culture in London, UK.

mobileGlu | your mobile glue

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mobileGlu brings together your life online into one place on your mobile: * mobileGlu will pull the data from your life online and optimise it for your mobile device automatically * mobileGlu will allow you to post to your online services from your mobile * mobileGlu currently supports, Flickr, moblogUK,, and RSS feeds with more being added as time goes on * If you are a developer, then drop us a line, and we can mobilise your existing services for you, letting you worry about your online application, and letting us worry about putting your app on the mobile

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